We named our restaurant “Guru Curry House”, primarily to symbolize our deep gratitude to our gurus. We believe their sublime energy will guides us and help us serve our clients with authentic, flavorful, and nourishing curry cuisine. Our menu reflects harmonious flavor pairing of curry and variety of fresh ingredients to serve our guests with finest dishes. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to prepare savory dish by our chef, to achieve the highest satisfaction to all our guests. We welcome you to experience our warm service, delicious cuisine, and soothing ambience offered at the “Guru- level”.

Our Core Values

  • Our local Community is the backbone of our business. In return, we plan to serve our Community at our highest level.
  • We value and appreciate every customer without any discrimination.
  • Our goal is to provide guru-status dining experience to all our guests in a relaxed ambience.
  • We value and appreciate our employees' talents and hard-work that bring the best experience to our guests.
Two owners of the Guru Curry House, 'Nima and Ngawang'
Head Chef Ngawang doing what he does best